PROEDGE Hockey Training Centre

It was probably our best summer yet. We put on some weight and we got faster, so it was a success. With every pound we put on, we made sure we were gaining speed...

Luke Green, NHL 2016 3rd round draft pick

Skill and Athleticism

Speed, Power, Explosiveness.

Science-based training, Skill training equipment, 30 yards of turf, all combined with some of Atlantic Canada's top Skill and Strength Coaches.

Build your own group, join one of our skill programs or train as a team! We've got you covered whatever your needs.

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Cutting edge training with old school work ethic

  • Shooting Gallery- 20 ft synthetic shooting pad, full-size nets, radar guns
  • Skills zone – 144sqft synthetic pad for stick handling and passing drills
  • Stride training aids, balance and coordination equipment
  • 30 yards turf for training – speed, agility, and first step explosiveness
  • Training for: Teams, Small groups, Skill programs, In-season training programs.

Head of Hockey Development

ProEdge is proud to announce Andre Lefebvre as our new head of hockey development at the Hockey Training Centre. His key role is to develop, our skill training programs with the support of our qualified coaches. Andre has been coaching for over 15 years in various leagues including; NSMBHL, NSMMHL, AUS, MHL, as well as the Nova Scotia High-Performance Program, and recently apart of Hockey Canada U17 National selection camp. With extensive experience as an athlete (drafted to Val D’or of the QMJHL), as a coach, and years of experience as a scout for the QMJHL, Andre brings an experienced perspective of what it takes to be a great hockey player and a strong skill set to help athletes reach that next level.


  • Team training – Dryland and skill training in one.
  • Small group training – build your own group 3-8 athlete, get your own coach! Starting at only $15/athlete
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